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Travel inwards with magic truffles

More and more people are starting to become familiar with the idea of a psychedelic trip, a magic mushroom or magic truffle ceremony or Ayahuasca. In this article I want to focus on magic truffle ceremonies, as these are legal in the Netherlands. I try to give you some insights as to what you can expect from a truffle ceremony and what the reason are for doing this. And reasons there are many.. As you make your way through life, you inevitably encounter stress and challenges that can leave you feeling stuck and disconnected. In these moments, many of us yearn for a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. 

If you are seeking a fresh perspective, a magic truffle ceremony could offer a pathway towards unlocking the mind and exploring the depths of your consciousness. But you do not need to encounter a disconnection from yourself, you can also be curious about exploring yourself and consciousness further. I once asked a friend who was looking for a perfect holiday, to consider traveling inwards instead. He agreed to join me to a ceremony, which for him was the start of a rewarding ongoing exploration as to who he is.

What are magic truffles? 

Magic truffles, or psilocybin truffles, contain a psychoactive compound that can induce profound changes in perception, mood, and consciousness. From our own experiences and those of our participants, we have seen that a ceremony with truffles is a very safe way to make an inward journey. It is a powerful tool for spiritual exploration, personal growth, and healing. In recent years, research into the therapeutic use of psychedelics has increased significantly and this has demonstrated that psychedelics can have numerous benefits when used in a safe and intentional manner.

Why would you take magic truffles?

If you feel disconnected from yourself or your spirituality, a ceremony can be an opportunity to connect with a higher power and explore new dimensions of yourself. The altered state of consciousness induced by psilocybin can help you gain new perspectives on your life and break through mental and emotional barriers that may be holding you back. Psilocybin has also demonstrated potential therapeutic benefits for conditions such as depression, anxiety, and addiction. A magic truffle ceremony is a powerful tool for those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world. 

What to expect from the ceremony?

If you are considering a magic truffle ceremony, it can help to know what to expect from the experience. Each individual's experience is unique and can vary, however there are some general stages that many people go through during the ceremony. The onset stage occurs after ingesting the truffles and may involve mild physical sensations such as tingling, warmth or some discomfort. As the effects of the psilocybin intensify, the intensification stage may cause changes in perception, visual and auditory distortions, and will bring you in touch with potentially intense emotions. You might travel through old memories and/or you might experience states of being which you never experienced before. 
The peak stage is the most intense part of the experience, during which you may feel unity with the universe, and profound spiritual or mystical experiences. The come-down stage involves feeling more grounded and connected to the physical body as the effects of the psilocybin begin to wear off. Finally, in the integration stage you will be drifting in and out of the experience and will be reflecting on and processing the insights gained during the trip.

Participating in a group ceremony

We are big fans of doing a ceremony in a group setting. We live in a very individualistic society, but we are social beings. And when you go on an adventure like this together, you usually feel supported and encouraged by other people who also take this leap of faith, “you are not alone”. There is the part where you connect with the others before and after the ceremony. Hearing each other’s stories and intentions before and after the ceremony is inspiring and connecting and there is a lot of power and healing in being witnessed when you are sharing your story and your experience with others. When you are traveling with the truffles you are very much in your own experience, yet you are still part of a bigger field and you can often sense that during the ceremony. Group magic truffle ceremonies can really amplify the collective energy, leading to a more powerful and transformative experience. 


Magic Yurt Experience

We regularly organize intimate group ceremonies in a beautiful Yurt with luxurious facilities in the countryside close to Utrecht. The next one is in June for more information you can contact Mirjam van Ruth  via the contactbutton. In these mini retreats, you will arrive in the morning and we will really take the time to get to know each other, talk about the intention for the ceremony, and do some exercises to prepare you. In the afternoon you will each prepare your own truffle tea and then we will open the ceremony with a little ritual and you will take place on your individual mattress and drink the truffle tea. After this you will lie down, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and let yourself be guided by the music. The facilitators are always close by and whenever you experience discomfort or you need help, we will be there to support you.

The ceremony itself usually takes around 5 hours and you will go through the stages as described above. When people start waking up, we will have some lovely fresh food ready, as you will be hungry after all that traveling. When everybody is back, we will have a short sharing circle, after which we will close the ceremony and start preparing dinner. Dinner is informal and after dinner, if weather permits we will create a campfire outside. 

You will sleep in a modern (shared) bedroom in one of the two apartments on the premises. The next day in the morning we will do some exercises to help you to ground and connect with your bodies. That is followed by a lovely healthy breakfast and then we will go back into the Yurt to do a longer sharing circle about your experiences and take time to talk about integration and how best to act in the coming days. After the retreat we will offer individual and group integration calls, as sometimes it takes some time for your experience to settle (we also have individual and group intake calls to prepare you for the retreat).All of the facilitators are coaches, so if you want you can continue to work with them after the retreat as well.

Experience from participants

“Words can’t describe this wonderful retreat. And maybe that’s a good thing or I would totally fill the entire internet writing about this. But I’ll give it a go anyway... 
The love and dedication that Magda, Mirjam and Xavier put into the entire experience is almost tangible, from the very first moment to the last. With warmth, knowledge, experience and humor they create a safe and loving environment in which it was possible for me to totally let go and dive into whatever came up during my trip. They have set all the parameters to create a group energy that lifts up the experience to an even higher level. 

I never considered myself having a great talent for letting go, or for navigating in groups. But... I did it and I loved it. The retreat takes place at a perfect location: the setting feels secluded yet safe. Spacious and intimate at the same time. 

Magda, Mirjam and Xavier take care of everything during, and before and after the magic ceremony. ‘Mundane’ things like the delicious food they served us are also given great attention.  As for the trip itself, the experience is highly individual I guess. So I can’t hint on any plot spoilers. All I can say is that it gave me so, so much. More and in a different way maybe than I was expecting. I left the retreat feeling grateful and positive. with valuable new insights. It's like I have been on a relaxing holiday for six weeks exploring an amazing new continent. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone considering attending it. Please do! This was the best gift I could have given myself. Beforehand I couldn't have imagined how fundamental it was and is. Thank you a million Magda, Mirjam and Xavier. You are amazing.”


Want to know more?

If you are interested and want to know more, feel free to reach out to Mirjam van Ruth (contact red button), Magda Haver (on this site) or any of the other coaches who offer psychedelic therapy. We are always happy to explain more and connect with you in an intake call (without any obligations!).

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