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Over / Bio

Enrique is a natural healer. He has been a student of renown teachers in Healing and Psychotherapy for the past 25 years.
He has worked on himself as a client and as a professional therapist through Supervision from Ph.D Senior Therapists. He has fulfilled the requirements to join the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR BODY PSYCHOTHERAPY, Enrique works with clients in private practice since 1991. He has been a teacher of healing and holds group psychotherapy sessions for inpatients and student groups of healing and psychotherapy since 2001. He is married to Marta and has two sons. He lives and works in Barcelona. He travels to the Nederlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag) every month for work.
During the sessions you can address your present need and maybe consider to start a therapy process that may last for a short, medium or long term duration according to what you wish to see happen in your life.

During the sessions with him you may request them to be healing or psychotherapy sessions, or a combination of both. He likes to work with clients who are developing themselves, or working actively towards their own healing. Personal healing is like a diamond of many faces that needs to be polished holistically so the light shines through.

To read about my curriculum vitae please go to my website:
Thank you for your interest. My wish is to support your journey into healing and wellbeing of mind, emotions, body and Spirit.


Psychotherapie, Barbara Brennan Healing, Core Energetica, Lichaamsgerichte psychotherapie, Lichaamswerk, Meditatie , Meditatie Training, Mindfulness, , Pesso, Psychotherapie, Sjamanisme, Systeemwerk.


Burn out, Concentratieproblemen, Eigenwaarde, Emotioneel, Energetische balans, Lichamelijke stress, Mentale spanningen.


Psychologisch; Coaching, Energetisch; healing.

Meer over werkwijze

My intention is to hold the therapy sessions so people can show me how to best help them. I offer many tools, and I have experience, but I mostly trust my clients to show me and then I make an intuitive choice to offer support. If we match then we both see that the therapy may bring some good result right from the first sessions. Then we must move slowly if we want to go deeper into Self transformation and Self healing.
Some people access their own healing possibilities with a Mindful Therapist present and listening. Others need to receive an energy healing. Some others have to face inner mental parts of their psyche that create extreme behaviours or conflict and these people may use a special kind of Psychotherapy that I practice called IFS. Some people need to work with their body to open it from rigid muscular contractions that don't allow feeling. Others have had a traumatic or neglectful childhood. Some people need to find their way through their own personality and understand themselves. Others have incredible success in life but inwardly feel fear, pain, loneliness and have lost their values. I work in a SLOW process. I really want the people who I work with me to create together a trusting environment, and that takes time. I can only work with a limited amount of people over the week. I hold Skype sessions when we are physically distant. If you or I feel we cannot match each other or your expectations are not being met we speak about it. I see my work being similar to art, to music, in that it requires patience, time and space to unfold. My passion is to bring psychotherapy, energy healing, meditation and creativity into our sessions for the best outcome to happen. Remember we are only human, and we make mistakes. I offer the best of what I am and know but only you know what truly is helping you and must make every effort on your part to make healing a real possibility for you. Thank you. Enrique


European Association for Body Psychotherapy
Brennan Healing Science Assoc.
British Assoc. for Counselling and Psychotherapy
Reiki Alliance
Comunidad de Maestros de Reiki


Social Presencing Theatre (Berlin, and Denmark 2013-2015)
Internal Family Systems Level 1, (Madrid 2015), Level 2 (Sheffield,UK 2016)
Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEBTT- Australia, 2015)
Brainspotting nivel 1. Alecés (España 2015)
Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor Psychotherapy (Boston, 2009-2012)
Enrichment Program in Attachment Psychotherapy (Center for Intentional Living, NY, 2007-09)
Core Energetics Counseling Program (Frabosa, Italia, 2004-2009)
Constelaciones Familiares, Raquel Schlosser (México, 2002)
Barbara Brennan School of Healing (NY & Miami, 1999-2003)
Pacifica Graduate Institute/ Certificate of Summer Training (Junghian 2001)
Degree in Psychology (1998) Upgrade of Degree by EU (2014/2016)
Terapia sico-corporal Core Energética (Centro Yollocali, México, 1992)
Osteopatía Upledger I y II (Florida, 2002)
Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho con Vamzu-jo (1991-1992) Maestría en 2009


Enrique has insight, dedication and compassion as few psychologist/healers do.
In my 35 years in the healing arts, I have met few with his ranges of skills and I heartily endorse him. -Michael Spatuzzi: San Diego, CA, USA.
Complementary and Integrative Medicine Practice




17-01-2017 09:45
Enrique is one of the special therapists I have been working with. He feels very safe, warm and knows what he is doing. He is not only a very good Psychotherapist, but he also can Bring your body awareness to the next level. He sees right through you, but always guides with whatever is coming. In very short time we got to the core of the issue and we worked on that and it was a great step forward in my process. Thanks for that Enrique. You are very special.

Saskia Beugel

16-01-2017 17:33
A few years ago I had a weekend process work with Enrique at School of Life (HBO to become a therapist). His groupsessions made a great impression on me. I saw him giving insights one after the other. He is a very skilled therapist, a wonderfull healer and absolutely a 'see-er'

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