Psychedelic coaching & therapy popular and proven successful

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Psychedelic coaching & therapy popular and proven successful

Psychedelic therapy has recently become extremely popular and proven successful in dealing with psychological issues such as depression,post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and addiction.

After extensive research on the exploration of consciousness in the first part of the 1900s, the use of mind-altering substances was banned in the 70s because of the war on drugs, when they became synonymous with counter cultural activities and drug abuse.  But in the past few years, thanks to more widespread research as well as the popularisation of the topic via Michael Pollan's books and Netflix documentaries, we have been witnessing what we now call the Psychedelic Renaissance.

Coaching with psychedelics

Coaching with psychedelics is a growing trend in the field of personal development and therapy. Substances such as psilocybin, LSD, and MDMA are being used in controlled settings to facilitate deep inner exploration and to assist people in making positive changes in their lives. This practice involves a qualified and trained coach or therapist preparing and guiding an individual through a psychedelic experience to help them gain insights into their behaviour, patterns, and beliefs. These insights can then be used to develop a plan for personal growth and change.

Who can benefit the most from coaching with psychedelics? These are usually clients without serious diagnoses of psychiatric or psychological disorders who are not under the specialist’s treatment, but who might feel "stuck", and although successful in their careers and relationships, are in search of change. There might be things blocking or limiting them, like feelings of loneliness, guilt, lack of confidence, or self-worth. They desire to know themselves better, feel emotions, and/or gain extra insights; become more balanced and create deeper connections with others.

Coaching with psychedelics creates much more powerful and long-lasting results than a single guided or individual trip. It builds a more trusting relationship between coach and client, making the journey itself safer and allowing it to go deeper. It offers an opportunity for reflection and helps connect to values and beliefs.

Results of psychedelic therapy?

The results are healing, personal growth, finding more meaning or purpose, feeling a deeper connection to others, nature, Universe, and self. Every psychedelic journey  is a lot about letting go and acceptance of what is, resulting in higher awareness, presence, and inner peace. Qualities like forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion often emerge.

During a few weeks after a psychedelic journey, higher brain neuroplasticity is formed, which allows coaches to further work on integrating clients' experiences and create opportunities for new patterns to emerge. They can help clients integrate their insights into their daily life and provide resources for ongoing support and healing.

Coaching with psychedelics can be great for first-timers or those who have only experienced mind altering substances in recreational settings. A common concern is being afraid of a "bad trip". There is a famous saying that there is no such thing as a bad trip – there is a "difficult trip" that, under good, safe guidance, can reveal what can be further healed or grown. Having a trusted facilitator and coach helps individuals to let go more easily, know that they are not alone, and are supported and guided. 

And is it legal? Yes, in the Netherlands it is legal!

In the Netherlands, the use of so-called “magic truffles” is legal, and they can be safely and openly incorporated into coaching sessions and therapy. Psilocybin, their active ingredient, is not considered addictive as it does not induce drug-seeking behaviour or physical dependence. Different modalities of working with this substance are available, ranging from microdosing and low-dose journeys to higher doses, depending on a coach's careful evaluation of the client's readiness and condition. Risks are always taken into consideration, and clients are encouraged to consult medical professionals as needed.

In conclusion, coaching with psychedelics provides a great opportunity for personal and professional self-development and exploration, leading to empowerment and freedom. It serves as a valuable tool for exploring consciousness, growth, and transformation. By working with a qualified coach and receiving proper preparation, support, and integration, individuals can gain deep insights into themselves and make positive changes in their lives.

Author: Magda Haver

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