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Psychedelic therapy Amsterdam
I am located in Amsterdam and offer Spiritual Coaching, also with use of (legal) psychedelics. I work with people who want to get to know themselves at a deeper level, connect to emotions and get extra insights. I bridge spiritual and practical, combining work on intuition and subconscious with practical goals and intentions setting. Sessions are customized to each individual’s goals, needs, and journey. Flexible hours, sometimes also weekends; also online sessions.

Being professionally trained as a Spiritual Coach, and studying Psychedelics and expanded states of consciousness, I am combining the art of using my intuition, listening, empathy and caring.

These are fruits of a journey that started years ago, when I faced quite a few challenges in my life. When certainties turned into question marks, I understood that I had to search, surrender and trust. What helped me and saved me were trips to India, Bali, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Peru and Egypt, where I attended spiritual retreats, practiced yoga and meditation, took part in rituals and learnt from wonderful teachers. I have also taken part in plant ceremonies, experiencing incredible journeys within my inner self and reaching out to beautiful and fascinating dimensions.

Since I have developed my knowledge and passion towards healing potentials of psychedelics, I truly believe that within the right set and settings, with a proper preparation and integration, those substances can help us understand ourselves better and open possibilities of inner growth and creativity.

My private Practice - 'Hero’s Journey' offers different modalities of working with these substances (exploration talks, macrodosing, mini doses or journeying 1-2 days retreats). If you book your free intake call, you will be able to further explore and ask questions to best choose the method that seems suitable for you and will make you feel comfortable.

Psychedelics are not the only method of my work - you are most welcome to join me for "regular" spiritual coaching sessions.


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Balans, Belemmerende overtuigingen, Beroepskeuze, Bewustwording, Bewustzijn, Bewustzijns ontwikkeling, Chakra's, Conflicten, Contact met mezelf, Eenzaamheid, Emotioneel, Healing, In hoofd zitten, Intuitieve ontwikkeling, Levensmissie, Loslaten, Overtuigingen, Relatieproblemen, Spirituele ontwikkeling, Veel denken, volle hoofdjes, Zelfacceptatie, Zelfkennis, Zielsmissie, Zingevingsvragen.


Psychologisch; Coaching, Mentale coaching, Mindfulness; meditatie; non dualiteit, Mystiek/Pyschologisch, Spiritueel; mystiek.

Meer over werkwijze

The mission of my work is to help you to connect with who you truly are, plant a seed of transformation, uncover desires, and work towards goals by identifying dreams, breaking down old patterns and limiting beliefs, and removing blockages.

Reach out to a dimension of love, compassion, responsibility and actions. Find your Purpose – in terms of doing what you love, surrounding yourself with the right people and making conscious responsible choices. By transforming yourself, you will inspire others and create a better world in the future.
In an atmosphere of safety and trust, I will be your listener, guide and messenger. I will be there to support, inspire, provide feedback and keep you accountable.

We will mainly use intuition but reasoning and strategy will be valuable tools as well. Exercises and methods will be implemented, and we will work with your own beliefs, decision-making and actions, and I will never try to tell you what to do or convert you to a different religious or spiritual belief.

To help you transition into new mindful thinking and changed behaviour, techniques such as manifestation, visualisation and energy work will be used.

If you are curious and open to it, use of legal psychedelics can be implemented to the coaching process. We will first do evaluate your readiness and talk about benefits and contraindications.

When embarking on your Hero’s Journey Coaching with Psychedelics:

- You will learn important facts about various types of psychedelics so that you can understand differences in modalities and legality of use, and explore your options.
- I will guide you through the benefits, implications and contraindications with you so that you can choose a safe, legal and most suitable way of doing it.
- During a consultation you will be able to ask questions so that you will know better how to prepare and what to expect during your psychedelic journey.
- You will receive coaching on your struggles and desires and explore how psychedelics can help you.
In full confidentiality, you will have an opportunity to decide on the right method for you and explore places and solutions that will be suitable for you with your coach.
- With Hero’s Journey, you will stay in a controlled environment where you will know you are not alone, feel safe and supported.

Knowing that you are not alone will make it easier to let go, trust and surrender. Your guide will be there for you to reassure you that “you are OK” and nothing bad will happen, support you with what is needed during the journey.
You will not only deep dive to get to know yourself better, but also have fun, listen to beautiful music and, if you are open to it, include other elements such as oracle cards, herbs and oils, chakras work, meditative preparations and more.
After the session, you will integrate your experience and address anything that comes up, be able to implement the learnings into practical life, and receive further support and guidance.


Collaboration with Synthesis Institute as part of the Retreat Team
Life Purpose Institute


Certified Spiritual Coach (CSC) and Certified Life Coach (CLC) by The Life Purpose Institute, San Diego, California, accredited by the ICF – International Coach Federation

Psychedelics and Plant Medicines work and studies
Psychedelics Practitioners Training (PPT) with Synthesis Institute

Mindfulness and Mindful Parenting – 2012, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with UvA, the University of Amsterdam
Connected Breathing – 2017, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Yoga Teacher Trainings and Women’s self-care programmes – 2017-2020, Goa, India, with Emily Kuser
How are you really Yoga and Meditation course – 2017 – Bali, Indonesia, with Sarah Mckenzie-Thane
Yoga Nidra and Dreamwork training – 2018, Xinalani, Mexico, with Jana Roemer and Sasha Bahador
Reiki Attunement Level 1 and Level 2 – Usui Shiki Ryoho method – 2019, Kampot, Cambodia, with Sarah McKenzie-Thane
Finding the Phoenix training – work on consciousness, neo-shamanism and personal mythology – the Institute of Esoteric Psychology, US – 2020
Life Coaching Advanced Practicum – LPI, The Life Purpose Institute, US, accredited by ICF – 2021
School of Remembering with Hira Hosen, Egypt – March 2022
Energy work


"Magda is one of the most deeply intuitive people I’ve ever known. Her coaching comes from the heart as she gently guides you into deeper levels of self-realization. She has a rare, mystical connection with the tarot that enriches more traditional coaching methods, and guides the client toward new perspectives. She has mastered the skills of standard coaching and successfully integrated them with her own gifts and talents. Magda facilitates change and progress in a unique and beautiful way. I would recommend anyone wishing to move forward in their lives to seek her out."
Karel James Bouse, Ph.D. Author: Neo-shamanism and Mental Health (2019); Transgenerational Colonialism: Wounding, Overcoming and Reconstructing Collective and Personal Identity (2021), Integrative Spirituality and Self-Discovery Consultant, The United States

For the journey I entered a beautiful and comfortable place, set up with cozy lights, flowers, and music. I felt that Magda was really there to support, and after the journey she prepared a beautiful plate with different fruits and chocolate. I am grateful for the journey. Anonymous, The Netherlands

'I’ve been having sessions with Magda for some months now and really enjoy going to see her. I wasn’t sure exactly what a spiritual coach would do in the sessions but was open to try something. After finishing a mindfulness course, which i found very beneficial, I wanted to carry on searching for calm. Magda uses many techniques and we often decided on the day what would be best suited to an issue i was having at that moment. From calming energy balancing meditations to discussing and helping with issues about work, family, relationships and aspirations. Magda helped look at things from another perspective and I always left feeling a little lighter and a bit more confident about plans and decisions."
David, Hairstylist, The Netherlands

'I really enjoyed working with Magda. She has the ability to make me see things from a different perspective. With the tools she used, I was able to manoeuvre through a difficult period of my life. I am truly grateful for her guidance, encouragement and wisdom and would recommend Magda to anyone who seek in finding their life purpose in an empowered way." Herlina, Entrepreneur, Singapore

'I enjoyed Magda being my coach because of her ability to see me. Her kindhearted presence and gentle spirit made me feel incredibly comfortable during our sessions together. She also kept me on track and made the process flow easier. I would recommend Magda as a spiritual coach because she epitomizes inner peace and wisdom. Thank you Magda for supporting me and creating an unforgettable experience that I will hold dear to my heart.' Kompani, Nurse transitioned into Spiritual Calling, The United States

'With Magda’s guidance I have recognised what my life goals are and how to achieve them. I have found the resources within me to overcome mental barriers and doubts. I have reconnected with my spiritual side, which has provided inner strength. I highly recommend Magda to anyone who is feeling doubts and fears or who is struggling to find their path in life." Rachel, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom

"I am thankful to Magda for finding my mission. Things have not been that easy, but I finally found something that I like spending my time on. I understood that dogs make me happy and I feel they need me, they are my pill against all my difficulties, my antidote. This is what I want for the rest of my life. I even found my way to everyday meditation with dogs and feel more relaxed." Pavlo, Dog Breeder, Belgium




16-06-2023 18:39
Dear Magda
This is regarding my recent retreat with you, Marijiam and Xavier. I want to thank you so much, for the all love and care that was given. I felt completely safe and protected during the whole ceremony. The accommodation was just fantastic, and food was so organic, fresh and delicious that I could still feel it's freshness. There is no regrets or complaints from everything we received, was more than amazing.
I had a beautiful journey during my ceremony. I just can't express in words, all my questions got answered. I now feel more connected to myself and the Divine in me. The way program was designed helped me navigate through every situation I faced during my journey very effectively. I am so grateful to you, I had once in a lifetime experience I cannot forget. Still trying to process everything. But it was very beautiful and I now know what I am and what is my purpose. It's just done. I got the clarity. Thank you so much for the after care too with the integration. May you guide many more beautiful souls who feel lost in their journey.

Many many thanks again
With love

Mazzy Alek

17-05-2023 01:01
It took me a long time to find that perfect person to take me through my journey into discovering my own mind. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Magda through other professionals in the same field.
I found Magda to be very knowledgeable and informative in this field, made me confident that she was the person I was looking for, someone that I could immediately trust taking me through an unknown experience where I did not know what to expect.
I came from the Middle East to Amsterdam especially for truffle therapy for my social anxiety issues that had been with me for many years.
She is a wonderful soul as well as a caring coach who guided me through my 1st and 2nd time of truffle therapy.
Magda guided me from the beginning to the end starting four weeks before my journey, making me understand about what mind set is needed for someone to prepare themselves for this journey and what I wanted to achieve, focusing on my goals and achievements from this experience. She also followed up a week after my return to recap the experience and what it all meant to me, to ensure integration of my intentions for an effecting outcome.
I felt an immediate improvement straight after my experience, and even 1 moth later as I post this review. I realize that this kind of therapy take time to overcome some of the different aspects of my anxiety issues however a bigger part of it has dissolved and seems not to have a significant importance to me anymore, which I am very happy with.
I highly recommend Magda to anyone who has the intentions to improve their life and live in peace and harmony. Especially if it is your first time doing truffles not knowing what to expect!

Rayna S

02-02-2023 13:09
I had the privilege of being coached by Magda for a couple of months. The sessions with her helped me with several issues in my life. Before working with Magda, I felt stuck and maybe even lost. Talking to Magda, however, every week helped me find my way and strength. After our sessions were over, I felt empowered and more connected to myself. Moreover, the "lessons" I learned from Magda are lessons I continue to apply in every aspect of my life.
In my life of work, I have met quite a few coaches, and worked with several of them. It's not for everyone that I could say that I recommend them. With Magda, however, I can genuinely say that you would be in good hands. If anything about her work speaks to you, it's probably worth reaching out to her. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you might have.


04-01-2023 18:43
Magda is a dedicated, kind and intuitive coach. She created a beautiful and safe space where I took my first psilocybin journey. She made 100 % sure that I am fully awake after the journey and even brought me to the tram station to make sure that I am safe. I am looking forward to the integration session and I am deeply grateful for her kindness.

Hajar from Antwerp ( Belgium)


21-12-2022 13:02
Magda is a true spiritual guide of the modern world. She helped me find insights and guidance to important questions and thoughts I had burning up inside, while providing a structure based on action and things I can do too. Her sessions set up an intimate environment where one can go deep and find real meaning. If it's time for you to explore and find more about your own path, get in touch with Magda. I could not recommend her more!


20-10-2022 17:52
Magda is magical fairy, beautiful soul, master in spiritualism.
I love my new self what we build together with Magda.
She open for me, so many new doors.
We realise what I am missing and what is not necesary in my daily life.
I became more my self and reached fullfiled life.
Thank You, Love You.

Stephen Lister

16-10-2022 18:56
Magda is a caring, compassionate and empathic person. She brings energy and enthusiasm as well as a sense of fun to each session. At the same time you know you are in the hands of someone who is experienced and you can trust to guide you safely on your journey. I highly recommend her.


13-10-2022 12:57
Magda is a highly intuitive guide with a heart of gold. She really knows how to hold a space and listen without judgement. She provides her thoughts and analysis in a sensitive and compassionate manner. Madga really helped me get through some very difficult times in a short period of time. I highly recommend her if you need supportive guidance.

Shokoofeh Ketabchi

07-10-2022 10:44
Magda revolutionized how I perceive psychedelics and spirituality in general. She is highly educated about these topics and is mentoring so many other people who are interested to learn. During my sessions, she always created that safe environment that I felt very comfortable sharing and experimenting. Moreover, she is caring, passionate and makes sure you make the most out of your sessions. Strongly recommended!

Brigitta Danastri

04-10-2022 15:07
Magda is what i called as a magical human being. Because anything she did was very impactful to my well being mentally. She is a loving, caring yet gentle person and I couldn't say enough to thank her to help me working through my own problems.

I would love to do another session with her again in the future! :)

I am very recommended her to anyone :)

Irene Etchells

01-10-2022 07:56
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the spiritual life coaching sessions with Magda. She is kind, intuitive, supportive and understanding, which makes it easy to open up and be honest. The tools and exercises she uses have also helped me gain a better understanding of myself. We’ve talked about different areas of my life and identified goals that I can achieve through an action plan. I’ve really appreciated Magda’s insight and ideas, while still being encouraged to think for myself and make my own decisions. I’m so grateful for the insightful and thought-provoking process. Rene, United Kingdom

Melinda Cooper

28-09-2022 15:54
We all get stuck sometimes. Either professionally, personally, or just in general, with no particular reason. Things seem to go in a slow motion and we have a feeling that we are missing out on things.
Our friends and family cannot support us, as to them our situation is
totally fine. If you are in a similar situation and would like to look at things from a different level, spiritual coaching by Magda could be your way ahead.
Magda will help you go navigate through a meander of your thoughts either with a guided medication, tarot cards, of (if you are ready for it!) psychedelics. Just trust her, and you will not regret.


28-09-2022 15:49
Magda is someone I really enjoyed to work with. Her voice and the way she is present without being judgmental in any way is really special. She helped me to find something that I forgot I had, that is an ability to see myself on a different more playful way. Just enjoying to be Alice in Wonderland:-)

Alicja N

28-09-2022 15:44
I am already after several sessions that Magda conducts individually and tailored to specific needs or topics, very helpful. During the session I feel well understood and listened to, and has a very good approach to each difficult topic for me. Magda is my first coach, but I intend to stay with her longer because I like the way she leads the sessions. I heartily recommend!


26-09-2022 22:43
Magda created a safe and supportive environment which allowed me to open up to this new experience.

Titik Wahyuni

26-09-2022 20:28
I had a couple of different sessions with Magda, both in groups and 101 and I loved all of them. Working with her has always been eye opening and revealing. I love how she presents her self in a non judgemantal way, she always listens to what you have to say and is very understanding and accomodationg. My journey of healing has been wonderful with her help and I am looking forward to our next sessions. Thank you so much Magda, I am grateful that we have crossed path at the time I really needed a mentor.

Nicole Lister

26-09-2022 20:19
A couple friends and I attended a truffles journey retreat, and it was wonderful. Magda has a beautiful and calming way of creating an environment that feels safe and can reach any type of person. She has a deep intuition with the people she is working with and how to approach them individually whilst maintaining a group feeling.

Mark Cavallo

26-09-2022 18:44
I found the sessions with Magda were intimate, safe, revealing and reflective. Magda has a gift for putting you at ease and allowing you to look inside, feel deeply and look at what’s really there. Mark, The Netherlands

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