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Therapeutic and spiritual development using Magic Truffles in a safe and inspiring setting with a shamanic twist. Jeff, a certified psycho-social therapist and hypnotherapist will be the guide. Myrte, a Masters in Psychology, will assist him.

Jeff has followed courses of Holotropic Breathwork. This technique was developed by Dr. Stanislav Grof, who did extensive research into the therapeutic effects of LSD in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s of last century.

We apply the three aspects that Stanislav Grof realised were essential in his therapeutic research. Experience the journey lying down with your eyes covered. Let music guide you through your journey. And finally, Grof discovered that the group dynamics are very important, just as with an ayahuasca journey in a ritual setting.

The next dates for ceremonies are:

Saturday September 21 10:00-18:00
Saturday October 5 10:00-18:00
Saturday November 16 10:00-18:00

And by appointment.


, Creatieve therapie, Healing, Holistische therapie.


Angst- sociale angst, Balans, Belemmerende overtuigingen, Beroepskeuze, Bewustwording, Bewustzijns ontwikkeling, Chronische vermoeidheid, Concentratieproblemen, Contact met mezelf, Depressie, Eigenwaarde, Emotionele blokkades, Energetische balans, Gedragspatronen, Healing, Identiteitsproblemen, Innerlijke kracht, Intuitieve ontwikkeling, Inzicht, Keuzestress, Laag zelfbeeld, Levensvragen, Midlifecrisis, Missie/passie vraagstukken, Mystieke ervaringen, Onverwerkte emoties, Persoonlijke ontwikkeling, Spirituele ontwikkeling, Toekomstvragen, Transformatie, Verslaving, Zelfkennis, Zelfontplooiing, Zingevingsvragen.


Spiritueel; mystiek.

Meer over werkwijze

Magic truffles contain the same active ingredient as magic mushrooms: psilocybin. Psilocybin is a substance related to substances found in the body: serotonin, melatonin and dimethyl tryptamine (DMT). Normally the brain closes itself off to the “special effects” of these substances so that it won’t get overstimulated and can continue to function in the “real” world.
Through taking psilocybin, our perception becomes expanded. We may see kaleidoscopic colors, the experiencing of time is altered, you may experience other times and spaces. Because new connections are being made in your brain during the journey, it is possible to gain new insights into, for example, how you think and feel about yourself, about your relationship to a loved one or to your parents, and your relationship to nature and the earth. Psilocybin also makes it possible to find solutions to creative, intellectual or scientific problems, or to create a breakthrough in them.


Taking part in this Sacred Journey with Jeff and Myrte was a magical experience! In order to have a good and beautiful trip, you need more than just magic truffles. You also need the positive and fine energy of this house, the warmth and pureness of the guides and the sweeping music in which you can completely merge, the music so carefully selected by Jeff. All of this I received in abundance. - Olivia

My experience with Sacred Journeys went beyond my expectations. The whole day was very well organized and I felt truly safe and cared for. Although the actual trip will vary for everyone, mine ended up providing me with the best experience of my life and there is no doubt in my mind that the set-up and support was what created the space and opportunity for this to unfold. I’m very grateful for having had this experience in this therapeutic setting and with such lovely people as guides. I truly can’t recommend it enough! - Emma

Everything was really taken care of down to the smallest details! Thanks to this I was able to have an extremely beautiful spiritual journey that has helped me take the next step in my spiritual development. Especially the safe and intimate environment that was offered in combination with the very good musical accompaniment made this day an unforgettable moment. I am so grateful to Jeff that I was able to have this experience and can absolutely recommend Sacred Journeys! - Koos

Seldom have I had such clarifying journey in myself thanks to the excellent care, guidance and positive energy. The eye-masks gave me a pleasant, introspective trip that would have been difficult for me to have by myself. - Johnny




24-06-2019 16:57
Sacred Jouneys offered us exactly what we were looking for: a safe, well organized and structured container to undergo a psylocibin experience. Everything was well prepared, peaceful and beautiful. Jeff did what we were looking for: he stayed in the background, not directing, but all the time present and alert in case support would be needed. There was amble time for integration and the delicious vegetarian food they prepared for the end of the journey helped us to "land" again.


10-06-2019 15:13
I had a great journey with sacred journeys. All my needs were met and even surpassed which allowed me to truly focus on my trip. The counselers are incredibly hospitable and are able to provide a space that felt safe and sane. The space they offer is beautiful and enriching, I loved the plants and being able to look out across the harbor whilst I was in deep thought. Thanks to all of this good care I was able to focus on my emotions, my psyche and was able to reconnect with some parts of myself that were forgotten. I love the aftercare that is provided aswell, the food was so delicious and it felt like a warm embrace after a intense (but good) session!


09-06-2019 16:06
I had a wonderful experience with Sacred Journeys. The experience I had was very profound. I especially was very happy with the integration part. The integration helped me to understand the deep emotional journey that I had made. This way, there were no loose ends. I really recommend only taking psychedelics in a safe space with skillful guides. Sacred Journeys provides such a safe space.

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