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Over / Bio

My approach is eclectic & holistic as I believe the aspects of mind, body and soul/ spirit are closely intertwined and we need to take care of each of them for true healing and wellbeing. Eclectic means that I make use of all kinds of therapeutic theories, techniques and tools.

Born and raised in Paramaribo, Surinam, Gail moved to the Netherlands to study Social work and Psychology.
After working for a long time in the field of domestic violence with women and children, as a teacher for Social Workers and (empowerment) trainer of various courses and workshops, a mental, emotional, spiritual & physical break-down took her on a whole different path.
A couple of psychological labels, such as adjustment disorder, burn-out, (postnatal) depression, anxiety & panic attacks opened the door to explore spirituality on a deeper level which let to knowledge about kundalini awakening, soul-loss and spiritual emergency.

Going through many spiritual crises, dark nights of the Soul, transformation and breakthroughs, let to trying out different healing methods/arts and a journey of (self) discovery/awareness, healing, recovery, soul growth, -consciousness & -embodiment.

Being highly emotionally sensitive and the battle with anxiety, depression, feelings of vulnerability, inadequacy, insecurity, shame & guilt throughout the years, has helped Gail to come face to face with herself, her shadows, fears and wounds.

This personal healing process also inspired her to look deeper into the mystery of life, exploring various religious, spiritual, esoteric texts and ancient teachings and further developing her knowledge regarding the psyche/soul.
The study and practice of Meditation, Body- & energy work, Mythology, Transpersonal Psychology, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Oracle cards and other divination tools have formed an integrated whole in her work.

Over the past 20 years, Gail has worked with individuals and groups within various settings, from a women shelter, to classrooms, training organizations and group settings, psychiatry to wellness resorts, helping people on their path of healing, recovery and wellbeing.

This journey she now terms, as the ‘’Stormy search for the Self’’ gave her many insights in her Soul Mission, brought her many tools for the work she came to do here, in Service as a wounded healer/teacher, to help raise awareness, to play a part in the blossoming of humanity’s (higher) consciousness and the soul’s evolution..


Holistische therapie, Burn-out coaching, Coaching, Energietherapie, Healing, Heart & Soul Healing, Holistische therapie, Innerlijk kind therapie, Lichaamswerk, Meditatie , Mindfulness therapie, Psychologie, Psychosociale counseling, Psychosociale therapie, Reiki 1, Relatietherapie, Transformatieve coaching, Zijns georienteerde coaching.


Angst- paniekaanvallen, Balans, Bewustwording, Bewustzijns ontwikkeling, Burn out, Contact met mezelf, Depressie, Eigenwaarde, Emotioneel, Emotionele blokkades, Gedragspatronen, HSP - hooggevoeligheid, Kundalini, Levensvragen, Mishandeling, Missie/passie vraagstukken, Mystieke ervaringen, Negatieve gedachten, Onverwerkte ervaringen, Persoonlijke ontwikkeling, Psychische klachten, Psychosomatische klachten, Relatieproblemen, Spirituele ontwikkeling, Stress, Transformatie, Zelfacceptatie, Zelfbeeld, Zelfontplooiing, Zelfsabotage, Zelfvertrouwen, Zielsmissie, Zingevingsvragen.


Psychologisch; Coaching, Mystiek/Pyschologisch.

Meer over werkwijze

Ik heb in de loop der jaren een toolbox aan kennis, ervaring en instrumenten verzameld , die ik inzet en gebruik in mijn begeleiding, om anderen bij te staan in hun proces (sen) van persoonlijke groei, heling & herstel, zelfverwerkelijking en -realisatie.
Ik werk vanuit een holistisch-, transpersoonlijke visie en mijn manier van werken is eclectisch, gebaseerd op Sacred- & Soul-centered Psychology.

Ik heb een fijne locatie in Rotterdam en nu ook bij het TAC in Amsterdam, waar ik praktijk voer (''Praktijk Therapeia Psyche'' is onderdeel van GAEA Centre for the Healing Arts & WellBeing)

Naast mijn therapeutische activiteiten, organiseer en faciliteer ik (Maan) workshops, events & lezingen.

Voor meer info en vragen, feel free to contact & connect!

Namaste and much Love.


Universiteit Utrecht | Klinische Psychologie (1996-2001) / niet afgerond.
Hogeschool Rotterdam & Omstreken | Maatschappelijk Werk en Dienstverlening (1992 – 1996)
Niftarlake College | HAVO | Maarssen (1990 – 1992)
Het Vrije Atheneum | Voortgezet Onderwijs | Suriname (1986 – 1990)

Cursussen, trainingen & workshops

Training registratie en -informatiesystemen
Groepswerk voor vrouwen
Toekomstgericht begeleiden en nazorg
Training motivatietechnieken
Hulpverlening aan jonge vrouwen
Training EHBO
Trainingen en workshops op het terrein van seksueel geweld en mishandeling
Training seksespecifieke hulpverlening voor docenten
Training NAP| hiv en aids
Training Supervisie
Training zelfontwikkeling, persoonlijke groei en therapie
Training WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)
Workshop Aromatherapie
Zelfstudie psychotherapie, transpersoonlijke psychologie, spirituele crisis, filosofie, esoterie,
Mindfulness meditatie, energiewerk & chakra’s, persoonlijke groei & -ontwikkelingsprocessen



oscar de g.

17-02-2019 15:35
Gail is een topper! Ik raad haar zeer aan!

Frits de Vries

15-02-2019 19:03
Gail is mostly authentic, did study but is experienche expert. Great psychological empath, power of mind and spiritual oriented on the highest. Knowing how to turn the wheel of fortune almost magical. Take your essentials very quickly tuning in to your vibrations. Understanding cosmic sacred teachings she may guide you to highest. Interactions might be intense but are for your best.

Robert Geurts

13-02-2019 15:24
Great intelligent woman who understands so much and therefore able to really connect with the inner truth. More import is that she seems to be a big hearted person which reminds you that there still are good people in our world.

Mylo van Straaten

06-02-2019 15:06
Gail is wonderful, her practice is beautiful and I'm so glad I went to see her.

Marjolein R.

23-07-2018 19:47
Mijn sessie met Gail was erg fijn. Door haar open, intuïtieve benadering kwamen we op onderwerpen die ik vooraf niet had kunnen bedenken, maar midden in de roos waren. Tijdens het gesprek had ik het gevoel dat ik alles kon zeggen en voelde ik me gezien. Na afloop kreeg direct een aantal bruikbare tips en hulpmiddelen mee. Ik voelde me direct ontladen en kijk uit naar de volgende sessies!

Veronika Maibaum

06-04-2018 13:09
I met Gail coincidentally on my trip to Rotterdam. We had a really inspiring conversation and then she gave me a reiki treatment. She is such a nice and warm person and so was the reiki session. She diagnozed and treated some aching areas in my back, her voice is really pleasant. I felt a sense of release in my hole body and mind when the session was over. I'm really grateful for the healing energy she was able to pass to me and I want to recommend her to anyone who feels like they're in need for some (extra) energy.

Koen 't Hart

25-03-2018 18:02
Gail is een professioneel die op persoonlijk vlak graag wil ondersteunen en hiervoor de tools in huis heeft. Haar persoonlijke drive zorgt voor een stijgende positieve vibe en heeft mij een bijzondere ervaring meegegeven waardoor ik weer vernieuwd verder kan! Haar Reiki-sessie werkt bevrijdend. Wie stress heeft vanwege 'whatever' is hier voor een prima prijs bij het goede adres.

Coen Holten

30-09-2017 21:38
Gail kan zeer goed luisteren en analyseren.
Na mijn uitgebreide en niet chronologische verhaal, kon ze me met gemak uitleggen wat ik had ervaren. Ze gaf me waardevolle inzichten en tips. En de vraag waarmee ik liep heeft - anders dan ik had kunnen vermoeden - een antwoord. Ik ben blij dat ik naar haar ben toe gegaan. Haar warme en persoonlijke manier van werken sprak me ook aan. Heel fijn om iemand zo betrokken te voelen als je hulp zoekt.

Chantal Vrede

27-02-2017 12:41
Being chronically ill takes a toll not only on the body but it also has a tendency to rob you of your spiritual well being. Self doubt, guilt, anger and fear are emotions that go hand in hand with physical limitations. Wants, needs and dreams seem unattainable due to pain and soon the inner voice becomes the inner enemy. Reminding you daily that you can’t rather than can achieve the life that you envision. You shield yourself from everyday life and cocoon allowing the limitations to wrap around you like a comfortable blanket. Drifting further and further away from family, community and self.
The soul, your true authentic self however refuses to give up. Causing an inner battle where the mind and soul play tug of war. One pulling hard to get out and share your talents and love with the world the other pulling harder to keep you in the false safety of your cocoon.

Reaching out and seeking help despite the inner enemy’s constant reminder that you are written off and valueless is risky. You can easily fall into the hands of psychotherapist, coaches or so called healers who try to help by either forcing acceptance of illness and limitations or by ignoring them all together. Making you feel misunderstood and even more scared of life, running back to the shelter of your cocoon.

It takes a soulful healer who is in touch with their own soul their true authentic self, unafraid to show their own battle scars. Reaching out from soul to soul instead of reciting textbook solutions. Unapologetically human. Showing you that the simple fact that you are, regardless of your state of being, entitles you to fulfill your life’s purpose. Handing you not only the tools but also the tenacity to live life to the fullest. Teaching you that your very limitations are your unique gifts, your battle is not to be ashamed off, your scars are not to be hidden. Rather than hiding limitations flaunt them to the world wear them proudly as a badge of your existence. Allowing the darkness to be a teacher rather than a prison warden.

I am she said to me, just like you are.

Thank you for seeing me through the eyes of the Most High allowing me to write from the heart and soul instead of censoring my words afraid to be judged

Marnie kersout

03-02-2017 21:37
Prachtig inspirerende vrouw. Boeiende spreker en weet kennis goed over te dragen.

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