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Sjamanistische Healing door Itzhak Beery (New York)

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Shamanism and healing

Shamanism and traumahealing

La Limpia, the Andes' traditional energy cleansing ceremony, is used frequently to maintain good physical, emotional and spiritual health. It is performed whenever people get sick, emotionally distressed, depressed, have bad luck in relationships, business or work or for anyother misfortunes that arise in their lives.

La Limpia is a physical and spiritual purification system. Each of the elements and tools used carries a spiritual symbolism and scientific reasoning. Its aim is to clear and balance the egg shaped energy field (illuminating body) surrounding each of us and the physical body.


Our energyfields get contaminated by lifetrauma's, attachments, ancestors and energies

​This energy field gets contaminated by our life's traumas, memories, attachments, connection to ancestors and negative energies. It can also be polluted by entering into negative geographical locations or by energy sent intentionally or unintentionally to the person such as anger, curses, through envy, bad air, and by energy attachments and spirit possession. Negative energy is heavy so if it's not removed it can sink into our skin, and then penetrate deep into our tissues, organs, and bones.  Shamans believe that this contamination is responsible for all sicknesses and misfortunes. Clearing or extracting those old and negative energies brings in a new surge of positive energy, which allows for new clarity and a true healing to take place. 

The stages of healing of La Limpia ceremony from diagnosis to rejuvenation

Welcoming the client and allow time for energetic scanning.

Diagnostic and Divination
Through reading the flame of a white candle that was rubbed against the client's body and a palm reading, the shaman learns about the client's source of illness or misfortune and decides what process to use.

Discuss the issues raised by the reading and learn the client’s life and cultural belief system.

Energy removal and Extraction
With Trago (sugar cane rum), green leaf branches or dry leaf broom, plants/herbs, blowing of fire, smoke, rubbing of eggs and sulfur.

Replace old and stale negative energy with new positive light energies, by blowing Aqua Florida (Flower water cologne) using red and white carnations or roses and flowery aromatic oils.

Seal the physical body with volcanic healing stones, Chunta spears and tobacco smoke.

Harmonizing Vibrations
Using a bell and other musical instruments over the body.

Calling back Spirit 
Using a ceramic ocarina melody behind the person's neck.

A healing hug, heart to heart

Candle Blowing
Release of the stored bad energy in the wax to the universe by blowing out the flame through an open window with a personal prayer.

Final Consultation
​Discuss client’s experiences and visions. Give prescription of different rituals, ceremonies and special diets to be done after the ceremony and at home

Wil je een sjamanistische healing boeken? Itzhak is 8, 9, en 11 mei in Amsterdam Ontdek hier meer 

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