Psychedelic guided therapy - magic mushrooms

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Psychedelic guided therapy - magic mushrooms

Psychedelic Guided Therapy - Magic Mushrooms Psychedelics, psychoactive substances, or entheogens are natural or processed chemical substances that temporarily change your brain function, causing you to 'trip'.

Over the past 3 years, there have been numerous studies published describing how these substances significantly influence people's lives in a positive way when taken in the right way and under the right conditions. Conscious, guided psychedelic experiences have a high chance of having a lasting positive impact on your life. You will better understand and appreciate yourself and have more enjoyment in life.

This impact is what I stand for as a psychedelic guide and psychodynamic therapist. And that is exactly what makes these mind- and heart-expanding substances a powerful tool for change.

Guided experience?

When is a guided psychedelic experience right for you? You are curious about yourself and more of yourself. Maybe you have read about the possible impact of psychedelics or someone has shared their meaningful experience with you. In any case, it has piqued your interest and you are now considering trying it yourself. Or have you been working on personal growth & development for a while or are you already in therapy for a while, and even though you have made beautiful steps and benefited from it, you still feel that you 'are not getting through it or not getting it'.

Do you actively avoid connecting with others and/or do you feel lonely/unconnected? Do you describe yourself as depressed or sad? Are you afraid of being vulnerable and seen? Do you consistently sacrifice yourself for the approval of others? Are you constantly searching for someone who should save you, make you better, fix you or make you whole and complete? Do you hide behind distractions and addictions? Do you struggle with shame and/or guilt and/or shyness? Do you experience a lack of self-confidence, self-worth and/or feel insecure and/or inferior? Do you find it difficult to set boundaries and are you conflict avoiding when you shouldn't be? Do you regularly struggle with performance anxiety, self-criticism and/or perfectionism? Do you notice that you are stuck or relapse into limiting beliefs and limiting thoughts? Do you regularly ask yourself: Who am I? And, what do I want? Are you always 'on', can't find peace or enjoy and/or don't allow yourself to? Do you have a deep knowing, a feeling, a trust that: There are parts in your subconscious that could be seen in a different light. There can be (w)more connection with yourself, the people and the world around you. A deeper pleasure in life is possible and feasible. There is more of you to experience beyond the (repeating) experiences in daily life. A reset is possible. The powerful effect of psilocybin What makes the effect of psilocybin so powerful for change is its ability to throw you out of your standard grooves.

Imagine a ski slope where skiers have been coming off for 3 weeks without it snowing. As you glide down, you feel the grooves made in the hard snow by the skiers before you. This doesn't ski well and you almost have to stay in the same grooves or you have a big chance of falling. Psilocybin makes it snow. A virgin white slope is created. The grooves are not gone, but they are under a thick layer of snow. Now it's up to you to create new paths on this untouched white plane. Maybe during your inner journey you have already experienced thoughts, feelings & emotions and a state of being that have immediately created a path for you. Now it's up to you to make this path well-trodden or even a highway. This is where your work in everyday life begins; the integration of what you want more of in your life. Psilocybin gives you the opportunity for a true shift; experiencing a completely different perspective or feeling. It can get what is stuck moving, let you accept what needs to be accepted, let you feel what needs to be felt, and drive you to healing action where necessary.

Are magic truffles a silver bullet? Integrating the experience is an important part of the process of change. It's not a "silver bullet" if you ask me. What a guided psychedelic experience does is, it gives you possible insights, openings and new, less traveled paths to work on; you have been given the tools and experienced the feeling of working towards it in your everyday life. Integration definitely helps for a lasting result.

What does integration look like in concrete terms? An example: A woman experienced, during her inner journey, the free flow of enjoyment and pleasure through her body for the first time since she was a little girl. Through the experience during her journey, her entire system became familiar with this again; the path has been laid. To anchor this enjoyment and pleasure in her being and in her everyday life so that the path can become a highway, she chose to play at least one music track every day that appeals to her at the time and let her body move with enjoyment and pleasure. That is one example of integration.

Psilocybin versus other psychedelics and legality. Psilocybin is a psychedelic. Magic truffles are legal in the Netherlands and can be purchased in smartshops. LSD, magic mushrooms, and ayahuasca are illegal in the Netherlands. What is said is that LSD works more on the crown chakra while the psilocybin in truffles mainly works on the other chakras. Especially the first root chakra, which stands for safety, the sacral chakra, which stands for creative life energy, and the heart chakra, which stands for connection, (self) love, and centeredness.

Psilocybin versus ayahuasca Although not everyone will agree with this, it is generally said that psilocybin is softer, gentler, and more "rosy" than grandmother ayahuasca. Additionally, psilocybin is said to have a more "earthy" character, while ayahuasca is said to have a more "heavenly" character. The effects and experiences can of course vary greatly per person.

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